A Sample Sales Support Platform


A client is currently using a makeshift platform on which they sell very high-end stuff. They’ve been using it for years and it’s been working alright, but they have a pretty good idea of what it’s missing. Our first meeting consists of me understanding their business, their clients, the sales process through which these things move, which parts of the process we’ll underscore, which are critical, and so on.

Setting the Stage

Understand what we’re building, what purpose it should serve, for whom, on which devices, etc

Basic Flow Diagram:
We diagram the major activities of the people involved.

Use Cases:
Who are the users, what permissions do they have?

Object Map:
What can the users perform actions on?

CTA Inventory:
What actions are afforded for the users to perform on the objects?

Making More Sense

Site & Content Map:
Our system consists of a few different objects… Not too many, but enough for us to wonder in advance about how they will all interact.

Activity Diagram:
What’s the big picture?

User Flow Diagrams:
How should specific tasks be accomplished, where is there room for modification?

Component Diagram:
What are the foreseeable components of this system? What do they contain?

The rest of this sample project is available, but, I’m a bit more focused on helping clients at the moment. If you’re interested, please reach out.

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